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The Most Simple Security Management System

Built for people tasked with managing security and compliance. Make compliance easier and save money. Vulnerability scanning, phishing, templates and more, all out of the box.

DIY plan

Fast sign-up

Easy to use

Low Effort

How Does it Work?

Out of the box tools

Login and you have access to everything, all functionality, unlimited users for a fixed price. If you do all your tasks, you can't fail

Automations from day 1

You will now have automated tasks to drive your security management system, daily, weekly, monthly.

Continuous compliance

You can now start new compliance projects for relevant standards, such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, and more.

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Continually manage your security.

Set Harpe up and our automations and intelligence will remind you when you are needed to carry out a task.

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We grow with you.

Our consulting business grew from partnering with startups along their journey and helping them to grow securely, Harpe gives affordable support to all.

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Tap into our consultants

Our partner network of consultants allows you to tap into expertise when needed. Take our DIY plan or a managed service, live chat is always available for support.

Get set up in minutes

Your security management system will be set up in minutes. Complete the wizard to populate information and have intelligent automations working for you from day 1.

More bang for buck.

Starting at £99 a month to have a full management system, no payments for training modules or additional features. Reduce the costs of your security management.

In safe hands.

Use Harpe and don't worry about security (so much). Our tool is a management system with an experienced consultant to go with it, Harpe grows with you.

Manage a 50 user org with a few hours a week.

Harpe is your security manager, ensuring that all tasks are identified, managed and evidence for your future audits. With our intelligent automations and simple evidence gathering, you can aim to manage organisations under 50 users with only a few hours a week.

  • Set up
  • Managed ongoing
  • Any issues are flagged to you
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Some of our top features.

Harpe is an all in one management system to help security managers achieve compliance standards and win work fast.

Asset register

Manage your assets and automatically identify risks and compliance issues.

Vendor risk

Review and manage your suppliers easily with our vendor management section.

Automated tasks

Reminder for a monthly log check. Done. We've prebuilt your tasks for you.

Export Compliance

Audit ready at any point. Export your compliance status and showcase.

Vulnerability Management

As part of your subscription, you get vulnerability scanning included. Select your IPs and domains and Harpe will produce vulnerability scans.

Employee Training and Awareness

Training and awareness is essential. We have build a straight forward and effective training module that covers Policies, Security and GDPR

Incident Management

An incident log that reminds you when actions are required to be completed and provides you with the format you need to meet various standards

Connect and Integrate

Harpe integrates with your favourite tools such as slack, Google mail and various others to ensure that you can build into your existing ecosystems

Harpe is different, built for you, not investors

We are a bootstrapped, profitable business that is run in a sustainable way. Our competitors are backed by VC funding and driven by features to increase their valuation. Our roadmap is driven by customer feedback.

  • No AI features for the sake of AI
  • Sustainable business that you can invest in
  • Driven by professionals and your feedback
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Our goal is to make security and compliance easy and accessible to all businesses.

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